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Bringing you the Landlord HQ Property Management App

Introducing Landlord HQ For Android

Landlord HQ is a property management app aimed to help private landlords manage paperwork and documentation for their UK based rental properties.

  • Completely free to use for an unlimited number of properties
  • Works online or offline
  • Backup and synchronise online
  • Organises media data automatically
  • Paranoid about your data security

Completely free to use

Unlike similar apps and web portals, the app is free to use for an unlimited number of properties. Charging private landlords for monthly usage is not our business model, so we intend to keep it free forever.

Likewise for data, you can synchronize as many pictures and media files as you wish at no extra cost. We use Amazons S3 platform for data storage, and with storage and bandwidth costs being so cheap these days we don't need to pass them on to you.

Works online or offline

Landlord HQ was designed from the ground up to function properly without internet access, and allow you to take photos and videos and upload them later when is convenient.

Other similar apps often require constant online access, or become slow to use due to constant communication with an online server. Landlord HQ doesn't have these problems.

Backup and synchronise online

Landlord HQ was designed to support synchronising data seamlessly even when updated from two different devices at the same time. For example, if one device deletes an image and another adds a new one, both changes will be merged together without any other interaction required.

Synchronising data to our servers is optional and you are not forced to do so, but it comes recommended to ensure your data is safely backed up. We perform daily backups to ensure nothing can ever possibly be lost.

A web platform for Landlord HQ is also in the works, so you can benefit from updating data on the web and then syncing to your mobile device later.

Organises media data automatically

Being a landlord involves organising a lot of documentation, for your mortgage, for insurance, for tenant agreements and so on. Keeping all paperwork organised is a major problem, and one Landlord HQ is designed to solve.

The suggested workflow is that as you add data, you can associate photos and imported images to it. For example if you add a gas meter reading, then you should snap a photo of the meter itself when you store it. This ensures that if there are ever questions later, you can comfortably reference the meter reading with a photo taken at the time you checked it. All details allow you to associate notes and photos with them to help you stay organised.

Paranoid about your data security

We use the word "Paranoid" because we take things too far. If you take a photo with the Android camera, the image is not put into the main gallery and instead encrypted before being written to disk. All communication online is over the secure https protocol. The encryption keys are also partially stored remotely, which means that if you are logged out of the application, it's literally impossible for anyone to gain access to that data.

Taking things further, the application also has a configurable timeout so that if it hasn't been used for 5 minutes, it will lock the app with a pattern lock. This means that you can be sure that, if you ever lose your phone somewhere, no-one who finds it would be able to access the stored data.

We use this app ourselves and this was one of our biggest concerns, so we've made every effort to keep all data safe.

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